Sustainability is a topic of research and scholarship across all business disciplines at Georgetown McDonough. Our faculty explore the business of sustainability through many lenses, from operations to finance to marketing and management. The result is thought leadership that holistically propels business toward a sustainable future.


Reena Aggarwal

Sustainability and Firm Value, Role of Institutional Investors, Regulatory Disclosure, Sustainability Ratings

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Vishal Agrawal

Sustainable operations and supply chains, sustainable business models, circular economy, renewable energy, sustainable new product development, consumer behavior

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Volodymyr Babich

Operations of electricity markets, sustainable energy generation, technology solutions for sustainable sourcing and resources, financing of sustainable solutions.

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Jennie Bai

Sustainable investing, ESG

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Heather Berry

Global Strategy, Global Innovation, and Global Sourcing

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Shiliang Cui

Sustainable new product development, sustainable transportation and services

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Francesco D’Acunto

Sustainable lending, Fair access to capital, Underrepresented minority entrepreneurship, Sources of wealth inequality

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Gerry George

Purpose-driven firms, Social inclusion and innovation, Sustainable business models, Digital sustainability

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Rebecca Hamilton

Consumer attitudes, Nudges and persuasion, Consumer decision making, Consumer responses to scarcity

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Amrita Kundu

Data analytics for sustainability, sustainable business models, sustainable development, emerging markets, entrepreneurship and community engagement

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Ho-Yin Mak

Sustainable mobility, electric vehicles, smart cities, sustainability in supply chains, data science for sustainability

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Seyoung Park

Corporate Disclosure, Financial Accounting, ESG

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Pietra Rivoli

Global value chains and trade policy, gender and labor issues

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Wei Tang

Data analytics, returns from ESG and sustainability

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Sezer Ülkü

New product development, sustainable business models, circular economy, consumer behavior

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Şafak Yücel

Sustainable Operations, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles, Business Model Innovation for Sustainability

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